How to edit the Milky Way – Photoshop Tutorial

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In this video I show how I edit Milky Way Photos in Photoshop. I’ve learned this from various sources and from experimentation over the past year in a half while shooting time-lapse from dark skies.

Shot info:
Camera: Canon T3i (600D)
Exposure: 40s
ISO: 1600
Lens: Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 @ 17mm & F2.8
Shot on a computerized pan/tilt telescope mount tracking the stars.
I use a modified Meade ETX90 telescope mount.

Please let me know what for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader think. I’m always looking for new techniques.


Here’s my tutorial on how to turn this sequence into a Time-Lapse:

Here’s the gear I use:


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