Photoshop Photo To Color Dot Pattern Effect

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How to create a fun pixel effect by turning a photo into a pattern of color dots with Photoshop CC and CS6.
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Video Guide: Photo To Color Dot Pixel Effect

– Open your image (0:16)
– Rename the Background layer to “Photo”(0:28)
– Convert the layer into a Smart Object (0:39)
– Add a Solid Color fill layer set to black (0:57)
– Drag the fill layer below the “Photo” layer (1:23)
– Pixelate the image using the Mosaic filter (1:32)
– Create a new document the same size as the Mosaic filter setting (2:26)
– Zoom in on the document with the Zoom Tool (3:08)
– Draw a circular selection with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (3:16)
– Fill the selection with black (3:43)
– Remove the selection outline (4:00)
– Invert the image (4:27)
– Define the circle as a Photoshop pattern (4:45)
– Close the circle document (5:04)
– Add a layer mask to the “Photo” layer (5:20)
– Fill the layer mask with the dot pattern (5:34)
– Add a Stroke layer style to the dots (5:24)
– Add a Vibrance adjustment layer to enhance the color (7:00)
– Add a Levels adjustment layer, change the blend mode to Screen,
then lower the opacity, to brighten the effect (7:23)

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