Sky Replacement Photoshop CC Tutorial

Yang terkini ketika ini akan diulas seputar salah satu tajuk gesekan pena yang berjudul Sky Replacement Photoshop CC Tutorial , apabila ada banyak sahabat yang mungkin dikala ini sedang mencari atau mengumpulkan info seputar pencarian yang sama sesuai tema Sky Replacement Photoshop CC Tutorial , semoga gesekan pena ini dapat memberikan manfaat bagi sahabat seluruh

SKY REPLACEMENT EFFECT IN PHOTOSHOP CC! | Check out how I like to attack an image to create a complex selection of the sky and then drag in a new sky and blend it in place using layers and blend modes.

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will walk through the full process of dragging a new sky into an image and creating a very complex selection of the existing sky to isolate it and fill it with the new sky. I’ll also show for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader how to use the blend modes and multiple layers to create an effect that can change the way any photograph looks.

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