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Yang terbaru sekarang ini akan memberikan pembahasan seputar salah satu tajuk gesekan pena yang berjudul Transparent Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial , apabila ada banyak sahabat yang mungkin dikala ini sedang mencari atau mengumpulkan news seputar pencarian yang sama sesuai tajuk Transparent Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial , semoga gesekan pena ini dapat memberikan manfaat bagi sahabat seluruh

This tutorial shows for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader the best way to make text transparent in Photoshop using the Knockout blending option!
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To create the transparent text effect, start by opening your image in Photoshop (0:14). Add a new blank layer above the image (0:18) and rename the new layer “Border” (0:33). Fill the layer with white (0:47), and then lower the layer’s opacity to 75 percent (1:04).

Select the Type Tool, choose your font, set your type color to black, and add your text (1:21). Resize the text using Free Transform (2:02).

To make the text transparent, select the Type layer, and then open Photoshop’s Blending Options (2:31). In the Layer Style dialog box, change the Knockout option to Shallow (2:47), and then drag the Fill Opacity slider to 0 percent (2:55). Click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box (3:01), and we can now see through the text to the image below.

Resize the border around the text with Free Transform (3:14), and then adjust the opacity of the border in the Layers panel (3:40).

Noe that If your image is on a layer other the Background layer, for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader’ll need to place your Type layer and the “Border” layer into a layer group (4:00). And there we have it! That’s how to add transparent text to an image with Photoshop!

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