3 Simple Steps to Blur Background in Photoshop

Update pada ketika ini yaitu akan diulas seputar salah satu tajuk ukiran pena yang berjudul 3 Simple Steps to Blur Background in Photoshop , apabila ada banyak sahabat yang mungkin dikala ini sedang mencari atau mengumpulkan news seputar pencarian yang sama sesuai motif 3 Simple Steps to Blur Background in Photoshop , semoga ukiran pena ini dapat memiliki manfaat bagi sahabat segala

Exploring the Amazing Power of Depth Maps to Create Highly Realistic Background Blur in Photoshop! Learn how to create a fake shallow depth of field without expensive lenses and get the background out of focus. In this tutorial, we will use selections, masks, depth maps, and lens blur to mimic the characteristics of a fast lens with a narrow depth of field, focussing on the subject.

Also, in this video, we will not only use but also understand the concept of Depth Maps and how the Lens Blur filter works in Photoshop. Hope this video helps for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader!

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1. Sample Image: https://goo.gl/Mo7tWZ
2. Finished PSD: https://goo.gl/ZsPKa4 (Only for our Patreon Family)

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