Photoshop Tutorial Create Stunning Black and Whites! tutvid

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This video was somehow automatically shortened by Youtube in Feb. of 2009. Instead of taking it down I decided to simply include a link to the full video on

Creating Black and whites is a great way to simplify or shift focus in a photo. for all of for all of you beloved reader beloved reader have seen great black and white photos out there in Magazines and in galleries on the web, Black and whites are everywhere. We will learn just how to make great black and whites in a matter of minutes. We will start with the basic Desaturation of an image, learn why that is not-such-a-good way to create black and whites, and experiment with several different methods before settling with the best black and white conversion. After the conversion we will look at vignetting, tweaking the channels, and subtle image toning. All of that plus the usual load of little tips and tricks will all be in this video, watch, learn, enjoy!
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